Writing a senior thesis

Writing a senior thesis can be an incredibly enriching experience in writing a thesis you will get the chance to explore a question of your own design this question can be on a topic that has always interested you and intrigued you it can be on a question that you have wanted to study but haven't yet had the opportunity. (honors college guide for writing the senior thesis. Look for a topic that's both feasible and significant avoid the impossible, but also remember that this is the only senior thesis you will ever write don't blow it exploring a minor sidebar to the big story ii organization a good thesis has a thesis--a main line of argument, or a set of related arguments if your thesis lacks a. Planning ahead for your thesis if at all possible, start your thesis research during the summer between your junior and senior year - or even earlier - with an internship, etc then work on filling in background material and lab work during the fall so that you're prepared to write and present your research during the spring. Senior essay & thesis requirements all history majors are required to write an extended-length research project that reflects historical scholarship, and present their research at a one-day conference on campus during block 8 all senior essays and theses are due by 3:00 pm on the first monday of block 8 there are no. Here are the elements of a senior thesis paper, which is a large research project and written report to fulfill a graduation requirement.

Except as noted below, each thesis should be about 20-25 pages in length (12 pt font, double-spaced except for abstract which may be single-spaced) and written in the style of an article to be published in a journal in the area of the research for information concerning scientific writing, see here students should, of course ,. A guide for senior theses rebekah p massengill, phd adapted for use at yale by celene reynolds, ma and frederick wherry, phd originally published as writing sociology: a guide for junior papers and senior theses, department of sociology, princeton university the author has granted yale permission for its. The senior thesis, or senior honors thesis, allows students to independently research and write an original piece of scholarship around 40 pages about a topic of their choosing the rigors and requirements of undergraduate education often prevent students from making a contribution to the intellectual community that is the. As a soon-to-be college graduate, a lot is riding on my senior thesis the process has involved a lot of blood, sweat, and tears (okay, maybe not a lot of blood but definitely some blood), and i cannot wait for it to be over here's my experience with composing my senior thesis, and i'm sure you can all relate 1 figuring out.

A thesis should provide a culminating experience for your work in one or more disciplines at the university the thesis is not the place to explore a discipline for the first time you and your advisers may develop methods of inquiry that bridge disciplines you have already studied should i write a senior thesis the main. Writing an empirical senior thesis middlebury college political science department fall 2015 a senior thesis is a serious undertaking – a major research project that will require countless hours of research, writing, and revising by the end of the three-term process, you should expect to produce a significant piece of social.

How to write a senior thesis proposal a “prospectus” is a short description of your proposed senior thesis, from one page to five pages long, plus a bibliography of books, articles, documentaries, and other sources you have consulted or plan to consult your prospectus should clearly describe your thesis topic, the form. Many schools now have a capstone requirement: a longer writing project ( sometimes called a senior thesis) to be done in your final year for some students this provides a golden opportunity to move to a more professional level of work in their chosen field but for others, this is a dreaded, seemingly.

  • Writing a senior thesis proposal it's natural to think that when you are writing your senior thesis proposal, what you are writing will be the first 1000 words or so of your thesis however: by this stage in your studies, you will probably be aware that the introduction to a long piece of work will often not be the first thing you.
  • Writing a senior honors thesis is a year long commitment that you must undertake with a faculty sponsor within the psychology department who agrees to work with you if you think you are interested in completing a senior honors thesis, first make sure that you will (or are likely to) qualify for the gpa requirements for honors.
  • But writing a senior thesis is quite a different task than getting a research paper published although a few economics theses have used the kind of sophisticated mathematical or econometric tools that are common in the journals, most seniors rely entirely on techniques that are learned in reed's theory and econometrics.

Incredibly useful advice for physics students writing a senior thesis justin peatross and michael ware department of physics and astronomy, byu bachelor of science the abstract is a summary of the thesis, not an introduction keep in mind that abstracts are often published separately from the paper they summarize. Writing a senior honors thesis, or any major research essay, can seem daunting at first a thesis requires a reflective, multi-stage writing process this handout will walk you through those stages it is targeted at students in the humanities and social sciences, since their theses tend to involve more writing than projects in the.

Writing a senior thesis
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